3 Marketing Campaigns That Always Work

Some digital campaigns are ok, some are good and some are great. Today, we’re giving you three types of campaigns that work amazingly well. So much so that a large percentage of successful businesses have them in common. If you run even one of these, you’re in RoI-nirvana. These campaigns work especially well for consumer-service based business and consumer brick and mortar businesses (B2C).

You’re a coffee shop? Yes it works.

You’re a large dental office? Yes, it works.

Car dealerships, law firms, private education, plastic surgery? Yup, works there too.

So, without further ado, here we go.

Here are the three most important campaigns every business should run

Retargeting Geo-Fencing Campaigns: Ads That Show Up In A Specific Location

These campaigns are the lowest hanging fruit. It’s pretty simple the way it works:

We lay a “fence” (radius) around a specific geographical area and show our ads within that fence. Most commonly, the ads are served on mobile devices as those are the ones that report their physical location often (via apps, google maps, phone gps, celltower position, etc). Some times, we even get some computers within that fence seeing those ads.


Here’s an example of how it works:

Say you’re a law firm that often gets DUI/DWI cases. If you show your ads around a geo fence of a court that frequently get such cases, you get calls from people who need your services. Commonly, these ads are seen by friends and family of the individual when they’re browsing around the internet or on a social network like Facebook or Instagram while physically present in that location.

Step By Step Guide
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Another example, you’re a coffee shop and you know that you service at least 3 neighbourhoods around you. With a geo-targeting campaign, you would show coupons/discount ads for coffee in these 3 neighbourhoods. We all know that customer lifetime value is a big deal. Coffee shop customers are no different.

Same thing goes for a gym or even a car dealership targeting their respective competitors. And the list of tactics goes on. The trick is to not let minutia dictate your campaign. Because even though radius can go as low as 10 metres, it’s best to not get bogged down by those details too much. Or your campaign can suffer.


Bottomline: Geofencing campaigns put your brand in front of those who are highly susceptible buyers.


Retargeting Campaigns: Ads That Follow You Around

You surely know this one. Put simply, these are ads that follow you around the internet. To the uninitiated, this might seem like “whoa, these guys are everywhere!” and that’s an amazing feeling for a brand owner to illicit. The premise is that a person who came to your website or app gets shown your ads even after they leave, no matter where they go.

A prospect visited yourwebsite.com but left without checking directions, menu, etc. But then went to check out the news at cnn.com, or amazingblog.com or delishrecipes.com -> they will see your ad there “Hey, we’re offering a 10% discount to all new visitors. Click here to get it!

Retargeting has so many reasons why it works. But here are our favourites:

  • Stay top of mind. This is why and how fridge magnets work. People see the brand every day enough to remember their name and what they do. Should they or friends/family need services of this brand, it is literally blurted out of their mouths and gets mentioned and there you have it – word of mouth.
  • More touch-points. It used to be that a brand needs to “touch” a person at least 7 times before they it gets into their mind and eventually an action is taken. By retargeting, you have so many more ways to be visible.
  • Builds trust. Studies have shown that people take action with a brand they have “known”. This is due to the psychological practice of building familiarity. Familiarity breeds trust, and trust breeds the building blocks of a relationship.

So how would it work in our context?

Let’s use some of the same examples as above.

Let’s say as a plastic surgeon, you’re running geo-fencing campaigns at competitors and other places you deem a fit for your target market. Maybe you target competitors because you know people like to shop around before deciding. If someone went for a consult at your competitor’s office, it doesn’t mean they signed on the dotted line right away. So people see and click on your ad, but of course, plastic surgery is expensive and trust is an important ingredient to getting a customer.

So, naturally, it takes time. And that’s where they introduce the retargeting layer.

From working with plastic surgeons, we know the average time it takes for someone to say “alright, I want to do it” is at least 3 weeks. Knowing this, what do you do? Leave the people who visited your website alone?


You show them ads about things like awards you’ve won, what your past clients say about the work, what they say about you, etc. Basically, things that will build trust and get them to know you better. You could even give them a free product for booking a consultation if after, say, 10 days, they’re still not calling you. We’ve asked our client to give away a liquid lip collagen to every consult, and that increased their consultations by 18%!

You can even build a story line to it where the first few days, the ads you see are showing testimonials, and your awards and guarantees for the next few days. Sky is the limit.

Same thing goes for a coffee shop. You show ads on weekends. Even a gentle nudge with a “come on over for a hot cuppa joe” ads with the right kind of a picture can invoke the right emotion needed to moonwalk over to your shop. We got fall ads, we got winter ads, we got sunny day ads, we got sunday ads… a whole gamut of “emotion”. This tactic alone got so much foot traffic for a coffee shop client of ours (they have 7 locations), that one of them had to rent the adjacent lot for parking!



We have a real-estate firm that shows their listings on retargeting and they get insane RoIs, no sweat. Every where we’ve deployed retargeting campaigns, we’ve seen a good RoI. You simply can’t go wrong with this unless you’re a one-and-done kind of a business… wait, can’t think of any ?


Bottomline: Retargeting really really works well for brands that have either a large LTV or long sales cycle. The dividends are huge, the RoI is humongous!

Google Local Campaigns: Showing Up On The Map


This is the the jackfruit of low-hanging fruits. Trust us. Did you know that many people open their phones and search for what they’re feeling or want?



On a hot Monday afternoon, you’re feeling Sushi. So you pull up Google on your phone, and type in sushi restaurants.

You see 3 Sushi restaurants that show up as red pins on a map that also shows how far you’re from them. They didn’t just end up there by themselves.

In fact, there’s a little sumo fight that goes down every time someone searches to see which sumos are the strongest. And 3 of them are picked to show up. If you click on the blue arrow that says “More Places”, you’ll see many more sushi restaurants in your vicinity… but the holy grail is to show up on the list of 3. We, in the industry, call it the 3-Pack.

Imagine these searches:

coffee shops

hair dresser

hair stylist

barbershop in downtown

gas station

sushi restaurants

burgers near me

dui lawyer near me

best plastic surgeon in new york city

and so many more…

But you can bet all these searches almost always result in phone calls or walk-ins for the businesses that show up on the 3-pack. Unless of course, you have really bad reviews, but that’s a whole different discussion.

The curious thing though, is that 9 out of 10 businesses don’t do anything here. And there’s tons you can do. And doing a few would make it work right away. This means, you’re really only competing with one or so other businesses who might kinda-sorta know what they’re doing. And it doesn’t have to be for the main service you provide. Showing up for the other services is also possible:

For example, a nail salon can show up for if those are the services they offer:


upper lip waxing 

manicure near me

pedicure open near me

eyebrow threading open on saturday near me

eyelash extensions

Again, all these show your business on the 3-Pack.


Doing the right campaign work can ensure your business shows up in the 3-Pack for all relevant searches. For now, this is a gold mine of business because Google hasn’t thrown ads in there (although they have been testing it this past year)

So what are you waiting for, get cracking and get these campaigns set up.

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