We equip rehab marketing teams with HIPAA-compliant marketing solutions to increase admits.

Frostynova is a performance marketing agency specializing in helping addiction treatment rehabs grow. With over a decade of experience with healthcare organizations and strategic partnerships with data management and warehousing providers, Frostynova creates sophisticated marketing programs to bring more clients to your rehab.

Frostynova’s mission is to help addiction treatment facilities change the lives of more patients and improve their communities.

We understand digital marketing and HIPAA regulations.

Think about the last time you invested in a high-priced product or service. Did you Google it first?

More than likely you read the reviews, compared a few options, and made your decision over a period of time based on a mixture of quality, convenience, and your own experience on the company’s website. In the same way, potential clients seeking addiction treatment will do extensive research before selecting a facility. They may even research multiple times before deciding to take the plunge.

Up to 70% of the research is conducted by prospects before making the first call. How companies market and advertise their products has changed with the explosion of technology and digital channels that take over our modern lives. To remain a contender, advanced digital marketing is a must to stand out amongst other rehabs to reach your target audience

We believe marketing shouldn’t be more difficult for rehabs and addiction treatment facilities.

If you’re running SEO, Google Ads, or paid social media marketing, you may have experienced numerous hurdles like algorithmic changes and privacy violation rejections from each platform.

In 2015, Congress and tech companies agreed to expand HIPAA regulations to digital marketing efforts. As a result, the traditional digital marketing tactics that work in other industries are not allowed for healthcare companies citing privacy violations. Not only that, but reliance on walled gardens like Facebook or Google is quickly turning into a ticking time-bomb with unplanned algorithm changes and congressional hearings and antitrust lawsuits that can make your marketing fall flat overnight.

We do things differently from other rehab marketing agencies.

Often other digital marketing agencies run your marketing to those in crisis and showcase metrics that don’t align with the ones you or your boss brings up in your internal meetings. Either because they don’t understand the field or because they are knowledgeable in only one channel.

They Promise...

  • - You’ll pay less per lead, so you get more “patients” for less money
  • - All you need to do is get a specific keyword ranking, or a better linking strategy or more budget for links We’ll show the right ad at the right place at the right time.

And all of the above is nuanced and largely irrelevant to you, so in the end you may or may not end up seeing reports that completely detract from those promises.

Rehab marketing is complicated which is why a deep understanding of the field is key.

Addiction treatment facilities treat complex substance abuse disorders, and their clients take complicated journeys to get there. Some are stigmatized, so they don’t click on ads. Some conduct fragmented searches across devices and incognito modes. Exposure to your message in some cases, even without engagement like clicks, is still critical to a few.

You hear things like serving the right ad in the right place and at the right time. In addiction treatment, the right time for a rehab website visitor is impossible to determine. And more importantly, when you run campaigns based on one or two tactics, your data is also siloed within those tactics. You won’t get the 360° view of the customer journey or be able to make decisions based on strong data until you approach your marketing strategy with the full, complicated customer journey in mind.

  • - Do they have insurance?
  • - Does your facility take their insurance?
  • - Can they afford rehab if not insured?

Since addiction treatment marketing involves a complicated, non-linear customer journey with different considerations, we take our client’s marketing beyond tactics fully-dependent on search engines and social media policies.

Our process makes your rehab marketing data-driven, powerful, and effective

  • - Your brand. We conduct content-fit, journey-fit workshops with you to extrapolate demographic and psychographic data that aids us in visualizing the different journeys that your clients take.
  • - We partner with data providers to place contextually relevant ads within publications and websites as close to discussing addiction treatment as possible.
  • - We leverage real-time and recently-visited location data of prospects to inform us of their intent to serve them journey-specific and HIPAA-compliant ads of your rehab.
  • - We optimize results based on cost per admit, not cost per lead and it’s all transparent to you through live reporting.
  • - We give you access to your ad accounts, so you can see how your ad spend is being distributed and what’s working in real-time

We take your mission to grow your facility seriously

For over a decade we’ve partnered with healthcare organizations to expand their businesses through both digital and traditional marketing, while keeping HIPAA compliance at the forefront of everything we do. Rehab marketing is complicated, with a history of bad marketing and sales practices. With Frostynova, you’ll have a team of digital experts fighting in your corner to make rehab marketing better, ethical and privacy-compliant while building long-term trust for you in your communities.

It’s a battle we think is worth the fight.