Focus on what you do best as a business owner, and let us worry about bringing more customers to you. After all, that’s what we do best.

When you launched your company, you thought you would do very well because you are absolutely great at what you do – so who wouldn’t want your expertise? But you didn’t think about how to communicate this to prospects and bring in an abundance of new business.


So you realize that you have to pay an agency to market your company and show it to potential customers. But, this opens a whole new can of worms for you.


Not only are you required to be a champion of your own business, but now you have to navigate the marketing-speak that your agency gives you. Another level of stress. And it’s so overwhelming that you start wondering if this is a good idea.

And this is what upsets us about our industry

They throw terms at you that you are not supposed to know the meaning of. They over-promise and under-deliver. And all you want to know is if you’re going to increase your sales and revenue.


After years of running our businesses and seeing how marketing agencies twist and turn the truth, we wanted to straighten it all out.


We’re more than just a marketing agency that has ninja level marketers. We understand that words like CPC and CPM are not what you hired us for and so we speak the language you know and care for.


Sales, Customers, Revenue, Profits, RoI.


After growing and selling our successful businesses, Mark & I decided to start Frostynova as a way of offering more than any marketing agency out there can offer. I had a successful telecom and athletic wear company & Mark’s companies dealt with satellite TV sales, extended auto warranties, call centres, server co-location services and personal loans.


With such versatility, the one thing that was constant in our lives was our connection to marketing and growth. So much that we were directly responsible for scaling our companies.

When you entrust your growth to us, you will come to work each day knowing you have a full day with patients, customers or clients. Not dread coming to no new business. And if you want to give us a try, give us a call.


Or read more below and check out the condensed version (Meat), or the elaborate version (Gravy)

The Meat

  1. What we’re really good at is driving revenue that all businesses want and need.
  2. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We under-promise, and over-deliver.
  3. Our expertise is well-branched. Digital marketing has it’s own branches, and we’re very accustomed to them all. But we’re also good with business processes, business systems, strategy, technology and telecom. This helps us deliver full-spectrum success.
  1. We are marketers like other agencies, but we understand business which other agencies don’t get. This comes from experience running our own businesses.
  2. We drive results. This is why we haven’t had a single full-term client leave us since inception.
  3. We stick to the budget you provide us with.

The Gravy

Frostynova is the only comprehensive digital marketing agency and business consultancy in Toronto. There are many reasons why our business clients keep using us for all of their digital marketing, but the most important reason is this: We “get” the business and technology that runs your digital world.

How it Used to Be: The average business has used 3 marketing companies over 5 years. We think that the reason for this is that marketing companies usually don’t have technology resources under one roof. Instead of dealing with just one marketing company, businesses are forced to deal with multiple vendors – none of them knowing what the other is doing, when they need it, or how they are doing it.

The Business & Tech Gap: Most marketing agencies are good at what they do – marketing. And that’s fine. But if a marketer is focused on metrics that are important just to them, how would they actually help the business? Our backgrounds are diverse. This helps us understand the business aspect of our clients, and where the digital marketing fits in and bring in our technology expertise if necessary. Business owners are happy knowing that we are on the same wave-length as they are.

How We Fill This Gap: As a search engine marketing provider (SEM), certified Google Adwords partner, business strategy and technology company, Frostynova is able to listen to and understand your needs, and craft comprehensive marketing solutions from the ground up – all under one roof. How else would you know that your ecommerce solution won’t scale under the high-traffic spikes of the Holidays, or that your server availability and latency is losing you hundreds of customers per day? What if your site poses various security leaks that could damage your pristine reputation in your city? That is why we build marketing campaigns with your technology in mind.

Search Engine Marketing in Toronto, With Global Presence.

With so many mediums of distribution, gone are the days of using just one method of digital marketing. We provide a variety of services focused on paid search management, including:

Search: Our process focuses on using our experience to maintain optimal Quality Scores, increasing conversions, and maximizing the results per dollar spent; our enterprise-level platform (Google and Bing/Adcenter) expertise allows us to do that. What all this means is we will try to make you pay less, while increasing customers and revenue.

Social Marketing: Good paid search and PPC campaigns don’t always end with search platforms anymore; they often include some form of social marketing on a popular social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Our big-picture campaign planning serves to estimate the success of these campaigns, prepare for that success, and analyze the results.

SEO: While many companies tend to overlook Search Engine Optimization nowadays, it is important to understand how SEO can still be important in the planning, site architecture, speed, and usability of your site.

Underlying all of our paid search marketing services is an emphasis on managing, tracking, and analyzing. Without doing so, how would you know how effective your marketing is, or whether you’ve reached your monthly performance goals? You don’t. After the technology gap, we have identified tracking as the second-largest deficiency in Toronto-area local businesses, and companies nationwide. Let us take the hassle and daily management of analysis and tracking off your hands.

Technology Services.

While most creative marketing agencies don’t have the ability to give you peace of mind when it comes to technology, we offer the following in basic form:

  • IT Project Guidance
  • IT Project Strategy (including Telecom)

Having to go to just one place to handle all your technical headaches, is a service that most businesses don’t think of before they have problems. You can save yourself technical nightmares, software incompatibilities, and the general time-cost of dealing with multiple vendors when you choose Frostyova. Investing in our technical know-how does not mean that you have to store your data with us, or that we even have access to any of your data. On the contrary, it means that we have the expertise and business logic workflows that have the best chance of keeping your data secure, robust, always-available, and convenient.

Specifically, we’re well-versed in telecom, networking, and general workflow setups.

In addition to IT consulting, we have experience that ranges many certifications and proof of our knowledge, including:

  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Video Advertising Certified
  • Google Shopping Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google Partner
  • Bing Accredited Professional

Web Services

Our technical team of web designers and developers has created as many high-quality sites and applications as you could probably imagine. From responsive designs, to ecommerce platforms, to content management systems and the like, we take your ideas and turn them into realities.

Starting with the plan, goals, and direction of your corporate site, we craft an official website objective, an information architecture, along with tracking and analysis, all on top of a technology stack that can handle your needs, and grow with you. Whether you have company goals that focus on leads, conversions, sales, or customer acquisition, we have the client-focused team that has been digital for years.

The Difference

We would not be where we are today without putting our clients first. Our clients are loyal to us because we have the experience to set expectations and beat them. We also just like people, and they tend to like us.

At the end of the day, technology is about people, communication, and trust. We can’t do our jobs without your trust, or without good communication. Most, if not all our clients have come to us after getting previously burned by other agencies.

The marriage of technology solutions and effective digital marketing is one that is long overdue. We realize that it takes a special company to pull this off, but ask any of our clients, and they will tell you better than we can that we do just that – everyday.

Frostynova was established in January of 2010 by Claire Wittman & Mark Hamilton. And what sets us apart is we partner with you to achieve long-term success with your clients by optimizing something called Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), something we take pride in. Frostynova has partnered with some of the best minds in the industry and these wonderful people are what make Frostynova today.

Our main office location is based in Toronto and operate satellite offices from Denver, Colorado & Rochester, New York.

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