Certifications are an important way to demonstrate that our team members are officially recognized as experts in their fields. This page is dedicated to highlighting these accomplishments, and giving our clients a glimpse of the broad sweep of our collective knowledge. We strive to stay current in all the relevant emerging technologies, and certification is a sign of our commitment to continuing education in these areas. We are proud to be certified in all of the products and services we offer! Free Site Check, AdWords Analysis & Local Business Listing CheckCall Today to learn more!

  • Google Partner
  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Google Shopping Certified
  • Video Advertising Certified
  • Certification Partners (CP)
  • CP -Database Management
  • CP -JavaScript Specialist
  • CP -Web Design Specialist
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • CompTIA Project+ Cert
  • CompTIA Network+ Cert
  • CompTIA Security+ Cert
  • Bing Accredited Pro
  • YouTube Master Class

google Google
Fundamentals: Covers aspects of AdWords and online advertising including account management and the value of search advertising.
Advanced Search: Advanced Search covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for managing AdWords Campaigns.
AdWords Certification: All aspects of online advertising and campaign management, using Google tools like AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick.
Advanced Display: Advanced Display covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for advertising on YouTube and the Google Display Network.
Video Advertising Certification: Knowledge of advanced YouTube and Google Display Network concepts.
Google Shopping: Google Shopping concepts, including Merchant Center account set up, product data feed creation, and Shopping campaign management and optimization.

analytics Analytics 
Fundamentals: Certified knowledge of core principles of digital analytics for use in improving business performance through better digital measurement.

Platform Principals: Understanding of digital measurement landscape, capable of building an effective measurement plan, use of best practices for collecting actionable data, and creating and analyzing Google Analytics reports using key techniques.

Mobile Apps: There are several tools that can help you promote and measure your app. Google AdWords and AdMob allow you to advertise on websites and other mobile apps. Marketplaces like Google Play or the App Store offer a destination for ads where users can learn about and download your app. And Google Analytics lets you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, as well as user engagement with your app by providing a centralized platform for data collection, reporting, and analysis. Let’s look at these tools in more detail.

comptia CompTIA
Network+: Knowledgeable, certified networking professional with a focus in network technologies, installation and configuration, media and topologies, management, and security able to function as network administrator, technician, or installer.

Security+: Vendor-neutral competency in network security, compliance and operational security, threats and vulnerabilities, application security, data and host security, access control and identity management, and cryptography.

Project+: Information Technology graduate with CompTIA Project+ certification and more than 10 years of team-leading experience in real-world environments. Capable of initiating, planning, and executing projects on time and within budget using proven project management methods.

cp-ciw Certified partners
CIW: JavaScript Specialist: IT professional certified in the use of JavaScript language essentials including cookie creation and image animation, JavaScript code development including writing programs and scripts for the JavaScript object model, and Web site implementation including Web management and Web content creation to design client-side, platform-independent solutions.

CIW: Web Design Specialist: Qualified professional familiar with the best practices and essential technologies, tools, and languages necessary for successful Web design with a focus on aesthetics, site user experience, navigation, usability, and accessibility.

CIW: Database Design Specialist: Trained in product-focused database specialization with a working knowledge of DB2, Oracle Database 11g, Structured Query Language including MS SQL and MySQL, and database optimization through normalization.

PartnerBadge-Horizontal-300x112 Google Partner
Grow your business with the help of a trusted online expert. Google Partners is Google’s platform for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants. Partners, can access special events and training’s, industry research, Google AdWords product updates, and more.

52a88ca03de24561b99a467eac953039 HubSpot Inbound Certified
The Inbound Certification is a comprehensive marketing course that covers the core elements of the Inbound Methodology.

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