Complete Google Adwords Optimization Guide For Phone Calls

In 2019, customers will call companies 162 billion times. This is in the age of the Internet, when phone calls are supposed to be completely antiquated and out of style for any purpose. However, mass mobile adoption is bringing the phone back in a big way. As usual, Google is at the head of the trend to give AdWords users plenty of options to use this new trend for business purposes.

If you are using Google AdWords with phone calls, there are some things that you can do to optimize your campaign. Here are some of the top tips.

how to optimize adwords for phone calls

Bid High

This may seem counterintuitive, but call only campaigns may actually work more efficiently if you start off with a relatively high bid. Keep in mind that you will probably lose money in the short term. However, the gambit will pay off over time as you optimize for your audience. AdWords does not really let bidders dig themselves out of holes. You need to hit the ground running and be seen quickly.

New Keyword Strategies

As with the mobile environment, the Google AdWords call only environment is slightly different when it comes to the keywords that are utilized. People look for different things when they are calling as opposed to when they are searching online. Keep this in mind as you are creating the keywords for your campaign. For instance, you probably want to focus on keywords hat are based on locations around where your target market physically is. You can also assume that prospects who are calling are farther down the sales funnel. Therefore, the keywords that you choose can be more precise, long tail keywords.

Strategic Scheduling

When you are talking about phone calls, you want to drive communication to a person. This means time zones are important to consider. If you make use of a manual CPC bidding strategy, you can ensure that your campaign is only running during traditional business hours. Conduct further research tracking calls by analyzing performance during peak hours. Adjust your ads to appear during those times only to optimize performance.

You can also conduct conversion tracking analysis to get straight to the bottom line. Remember that callers are usually more ready to make a purchase, so you do not have to worry as much about customer acquisition strategies.

Proper Analytics

One of the most important aspects of any sophisticated call tracking program is the analysis of results. However, you must know the key metrics to look for. Tracking calls for overall call duration, conversion value and conversion tracking are great ways to ensure that you are following the right metrics from the start.

For best results, you should use location targeting to segment your conversion value and call duration metrics by local area. This way, you can find out exactly who is getting in touch with you and why. Perhaps a weather condition has increased the need for leather boots in the northern part of your home state, but you will never know unless you drill down.

Get Your Call Through Rate

You will be paying for all clicks, not just clicks that lead to phone calls. Keep in mind that your competition may employ bots to click on your ads to waste your money. Calculating your call through rate can help your campaign avoid this wasteful spending.

You will also be able to further optimize your call bids if you use calls instead of clicks as your main metric. Once you have ruled out the potential bots, you will be able to see the factors that atually drive your prospects to make that extra click on the auto dialer and talk through to you. Note – if you have an extremely out of proportion “call abandon” rate, that means that your customers are somehow losing interest between the initial ad and the auto dialer. They may think that you are trying to cheat them, and you may need to rework or reword your initial ad for better results.

The Importance of your URL

Your URL is the most important aspect of your search optimization strategy outside of call only, and it is quite important here as well. You have much less real estate to work with on your call only ads. You do not have a site landing page to work with, and you are out one headline as well. The URL that you use can make the difference between call throughs and a high abandon rate. Use those 35 characters at the end to reinforce your message with a strong CTA as well!

Follow the tips above to make use of the new age of the telephone. Now that the mobile revolution is in full swing, it is time to make sure that your campaign is mature enough to use everything that consumers are using to communicate with the companies they love.

Complete Google Adwords Optimization Guide For Phone Calls
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