Posted On March 11, 2021

The Ultimate List of Addiction Treatment Conferences

The Ultimate List of Addiction Treatment Conferences -

When was the last time you attended an event in-person?

It’s very likely you haven’t set foot in a hair salon, let alone a conference center, since March 2020. Today, much of the US is still under government-mandated lockdown or in areas with varying levels of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But even though the events industry has come to screeching halt, the health industries are booming and exhausted. You need all the support you can get, right?

That’s why going to an addiction treatment conference is one way to help yourself and your rehab in these tough times.  Many have gone up virtually as well!

How Attending Addiction Treatment Conferences Can Help Your Center Grow

Medical professionals attend three (3) conferences per year, according to an Oglivy World Health study. Not only do events give you a chance to network and get out of your usual working surroundings, but they can also keep you updated on treatments and advances in medicine, trends in specialties and full industries, and help you complete requirements for Continuing Medical Learning (CMLs). 

There are a number of reasons to attend an industry conference for addiction treatment, including:

  • Meeting other professionals and experts in the substance use addiction treatment field;
  • Receiving discounts on resources and services for your rehab;
  • Learning about the latest in industry and treatment trends;
  • And, getting a sneak peek or witnessing a new product launch from a relevant company or other rehab.
  • Biggest one of them all is business development for referrals

The Best Addiction Treatment Conferences Happening

The events world flipped upside down in mid-March 2020 due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Most events were cancelled or postponed until 2021, and the addiction treatment conference lineup suffered the same blow. As events moved to virtual settings toward the end of Q3, we’ve compiled a mega list of conferences for the addiction treatment industries in the US. Many of these events have been taking place like clockwork at least once a year.

October 21, 2020 | Best Practices for Co-occurring Disorders Treatment: Integrated Treatment Planning, Service Provision, and Continuity of Care [Webinar]

This webinar will discuss strategies for developing integrated treatment plans, assessing and monitoring the interactive course of both disorders, and implementing specialized interventions for both disorders including psychoeducation, pharmacology, family education and support, and peer support. The webinar will also address strategies for ensuring there is ongoing focus on recovery for both disorders during the discharge process helping to ensure the capacity to maintain treatment continuity for complex COD. 

Hosted by: Great Lakes, Northeast & Caribbean, and Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTCs)


October 22-23, 2020 | 2nd Global Conference on Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health, and Psychiatry [Online Event]

Four speakers from the same number of continents come together for a virtual event on discussing addiction and psychiatry. Behavioral health and cognitive functions play a key role in the effectiveness of addiction treatment. Experts will be sharing their research and findings amidst a global pandemic. 

Hosted by: Magnus Group


October 28, 2020 | Unintended Consequences of the Cannabis Panacea: What Addiction Specialists Need to Know

As medical and recreational cannabis becomes legal in states across the US, the use of cannabis as a safe and natural treatment for multiple ailments and conditions has grown with no stop in sight. This free webinar will give participants an overview of the potential issues of cannabis legalization, including research limitations, adverse effects on vulnerable populations, evidence and findings around treating opioid addiction, as well as public safety implications. In the end, participants will receive tips and resources to help address this issue with rehab patients and their families.

Hosted by:, The Association for Addiction Professionals


November 2, 2020 | ASAM Online Training and Learning Lab Virtual Meeting

Research on the evidence-based practice of making Level of Care recommendations, either under treating or over-treating has been demonstrated to decrease a client’s successful engagement of treatment. It is imperative that assessors and case managers learn how to make informed and accurate level of care recommendations, and write clear, concise clinical justifications for them. This virtual event will help to develop and/or enhance the knowledge and skills required to make more informed and accurate level of care recommendations, and write clear, concise clinical justifications.

Hosted by: TAADAS


November 7-8, 2020 | International Coalition for Addiction Studies Education Conference 2020

Come join higher education professors, teachers, and other professionals invested in teaching addiction studies! Enjoy panel discussions, workshops, posters, presentations and more!

INCASE, founded in 1990, is a professional association of professionals, teachers, professionals, and programs specializing in addiction studies, including the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, other addictions, counselor preparation, prevention and treatment, research, and public policy.

Hosted by: INCASE


November 8, 2020 | Using Technology for Clinical Supervision

Technology is quickly becoming one of the biggest assets to our clinical practices. It is now widely accepted as an ethical, evidence-based method of providing clinical services, particularly in rural areas. This session will describe how technology can also be used to provide clinical supervision. Ensuring our workforce is competent and skilled is one of the best ways we can help our clients; this course will provide the foundational tools needed to use technology for clinical supervision.

Hosted by: NAADAC


November 12-14, 2020 | The World of Addiction: Now & the Future

The ISAM-CSAM Annual Conference brings together more than 700 leaders, researchers, and clinicians in addiction medicine to share, collaborate and connect. In addition to a conference program featuring global leaders and prominent researchers, both ISAM and CSAM offer pre-conference and post-conference educational opportunities for professionals looking to expand their skills and knowledge. This year marks the first year that the conference will be held exclusively online, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and British Columbia’s restrictions on gatherings of more than 50 people.

Hosted by: CSAM, ISAM


December 1-3, 2020 | Understanding the Purpose of Life Training

Train facilitators to implement this curriculum in their community. Trains caring adults to assist our youth and help them develop their cultural consciousness, a sense of direction, create and implement healthy lifestyle and choices, and to help them recognize their purpose that can create meaning and identity for their lives.

Hosted by: NAADAC


December 3-4, 2020 | Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Conference | West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders

This conference will provide healthcare professionals with the most current insights and actionable ideas from industry leaders to help them achieve that goal. As an attendee, you will have access to the quality workshops you have come to expect from C4 events. Choose from many live and on-demand packages based on your continuing education needs. Use the networking feature of our virtual platform to interact with our sponsors and exhibitors, as well as your fellow attendees! Our virtual conference merges timely content with high-level speakers. Ease of attending. No travel is required which minimizes out-of-office time for those with demanding schedules.

Hosted by: WCSAD


December 10-13, 2020 | American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry 31st Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium

The AAAP 31st Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium will be held virtually December 10-13, 2020. This event provides the latest scientific developments in substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders for psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and allied health professionals. The goal of the conference is to recognize emerging issues and trends in addiction psychiatry and be on the forefront of diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental disorders. Educational goals and objectives can be found here.

Hosted by: AAAP


January 12-15, 2021 | NASPA Alcohol, Other Drug, and Campus Violence Prevention Conference: A NASPA Strategies Conference

Substance misuse prevention has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the campus community and in accordance with current research and best practice. With increasing attention on mental health, suicide prevention, interpersonal violence, law requirements, such as DFSCA and Title IX, and social justice, substance misuse prevention remains an underlying need. Additionally, prevention has expanded to include collegiate recovery programs and support the entire continuum of care. The NASPA Strategies Conference – AODV Track will highlight current trends and emerging issues, campus or community coalitions and partnerships, evidence-based and evidence informed practices, innovative solutions and changing practices, and the strategic prevention framework.

Hosted by: NASPA

April 10 – 14, 2021 | American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc. (AATOD) 2021 Conference

This conference will discuss the latest research and regulatory developments relevant to the field of medication assisted treatment and critically evaluate the implications in managing the opioid epidemic. Discussions will disseminate innovative and evidence-based initiatives designed to increase access to services, improve program development and administration, and enhance patient outcomes. Goals include: identifying and promoting strategies that assist healthcare partnerships and collaborations by advancing understanding and acceptance of medication assisted treatment as a crucial element to community wellness and response to the opioid epidemic; and

Hosted by: AATOD


May 3 – 4, 2021 | ICSAAR 2021: 15. International Conference on Substance Abuse, Addiction and Rehabilitation

ICSAAR 2021: 15. International Conference on Substance Abuse, Addiction and Rehabilitation aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Substance Abuse, Addiction and Rehabilitation. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Substance Abuse, Addiction and Rehabilitation

Hosted by: WASET


May 16 – 17, 2021 | NAATP National 2021

NAATP National is one of the most important, engaging, and influential conferences in our industry. This leadership conference remains unique and critically important as the leading educational and networking event within the addiction treatment field. 

Hosted by: NAATP


August 13 – 15, 2021 | National Conference on Addiction Disorders West

For 3 days, come together to discuss patient care strategies, connect and engage with national and influential leaders, and take away critical knowledge to address the significant changes in addiction treatment. The Call for Presentations for 2021 is now open! If you are interested in submitting an abstract, click the button below.

Hosted by: NCAD


In addition, here is our curated list of past events you can register to watch the replays or download valuable resources:


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Global Conference on Addiction Medicine and Behavioral Health

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Energy Psychology Techniques for Reducing Trauma & Addiction

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Cultivating Greater Meaning and Purpose to Prevent Relapse

At Greater Risk: The Intersection of ACEs and Addiction

Prepare for Rehab Conferences: A Few Quick Tips

  • Since the events industry shuttered in March 2020 due to Covid-19, industry leaders took time to reel and innovate physical event experiences and transfer them to digital. With that, many of these events are free and provide attendees with valuable resources, replay recordings, and discounts.
  • No time to attend virtually? No problem. Register to receive the benefits of virtual events, such as industry discounts on software or business services, recordings to listen to when you have time, and replays and resources to download and share with your team.
  • Take a look at future events and take advantage of early bird specials for 2021. Some are even open for 2022!
  • And once COVID goes away, you’ll see your favorite addiction treatment marketing agency on the floors again.