How To Book More Appointments via Facebook Ads

According to recent statistics gathered in 2017, Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on planet earth, boasting an astounding 2.06 billion users each and every more appointments via facebook ads

Facebook makes use of its large endowment – such a sentiment is no question.

The social media platform generated an astounding $17.4 billion purely in the form of advertisements:

And that’s only in the first half of 2017.

Service Providers Are All Over The United States Of America

In general, business entities have eight unique types of advertisements to choose from. Innovative marketers can use them to book more appointments than otherwise possible, all thanks to Facebook Ads.

Not booking appointments can quite literally spell the end of your business.

Fortunately, however, business owners wearing their “digital marketer” hats (when they have the time) can increase the number of appointments booked through Facebook’s highly-trafficked interface.

Here are several techniques for garnering the interest of consumers that not every social media page operator relies on:

Take notes!

Make The Call To Action Button Readily Available

Although this simple step seems to be too rudimentary to draw in increased shares of potential customers, adding a “Book Now” button on your landing page on Facebook effectively encourages fans to book appointments with your entity.

It’s important to keep in mind that the “Book Now” button – formally called the call-to-action button – can include any of the following names:

  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Use App
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us

Prior to deciding which template to use, consider what product or service your business is currently aiming to promote.

Figured it out yet?

Tailoring the CTA – call-to-action – button to your business’ particular needs will effectively help book more appointments at your physical location(s).

Add Quality Descriptions Following Feed Advertisements Below CTA Buttons

One of the many digital advertisements Facebook offers consumers is the newsfeed ads or those that appear in innocent users’ newsfeeds.

These advertisements appear as a business page, including its cover photo, profile picture, and a short description regarding the advertisements’ titles.

Make sure to go Mike Tyson on these ads:

That’s right…

Rely on punchy descriptions, like limited-time offers that end soon, convincingly claiming to solve problems, sharing hours of operation, and other catchy prompts. Doing so has been slated to solicit the interest of Facebook users more so than any other utilization of Facebook Ads to boost your business’ number of in-house appointments.

Make Sure That Potential Customers Are Aware Of Newfound Appointment Availabilities

Your car breaks down.

You visit the ATM, only to find out you’ve got negative $32.97 to your name.

A family emergency pops up out of seemingly nowhere.

What do these three events have in common? They could all result in the cancellation of an already-scheduled booking.

Facebook Ads allows business pages to place ads on short notice for filling recent cancellations. They feature links to companies’ web pages, text descriptions for offering discounts, deals, or explanations

Our Hot Tip: 30% of appointments made online actually make it. So, it doesn’t hurt to double-book. 

Daily Specials Are Always A Good Idea

One of the many applications of Facebook Ads is sharing daily specials with both established and potential customers.

Not only can you simply discount products and services directly through Facebook’s advertising interface, as coupons featuring your company’s offerings can also be shared.

This form of Facebook marketing provides consumers with a spark to get out and purchase what their favorite companies have to offer, and can very much result in them setting up appointments to view your company’s remaining wares.

Top-Notch Customer And Client Reviews Need To Breathe, Too

Customer reviews are a major driver of feeling confident regarding a business entity’s offerings. It’s true that most people look to search engines to find attestations to the quality of a business, its products, service, facility, and other characteristics pertinent to the shopping experience.

Our Hot Tip: Show ads like this only when retargeting to reinforce trust in your brand


Rather than requiring consumers to flow outside of Facebook to look for customer reviews, it’s possible to bring them to the forefront of customer’ screens with Facebook ads.

You’re able to pick and choose which reviews make it to the forefront of potential customers’ pages, rather than blindly trusting Facebook to consistently display high-quality reviews to each and every consumer that sees them.


You should consider taking screenshots of business reviews. Doing so makes it extremely difficult to fake any positive reviews, whereas posting nothing more than text copied and pasted from sources found on the Internet are likely to reduce your company’s credibility.

In Summary

Facebook is a modern-day phenomenon, and is an effective tool for generating interest across its users that fit the demographic profile of your average customer.

You’ll find it more than possible to experience increased numbers of appointments at your company’s physical locations, all thanks to any Facebook Advertisements campaign that features well-placed advertisements and messages.

As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook constantly flows with new trends, including resulting nest eggs from fitting their constituents’ marketing needs most appropriately.

How To Book More Appointments via Facebook Ads
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