First, Let’s See If We’re A Match

Please don’t fill out the form till you read this.

To know what we mean by “match”, we’ll give you a little background.

This is what happens with other agencies:

Most digital marketing agencies out there actively seek out clients. When they sign one on, they put them in hour buckets and move on to find the next client. What this means is, you get work done for a bunch of hours every month.

And it’s not wrong in terms of economics because they have a set number of employees, and a growing number of clients. So the best solution for them is to be experts at time management to keep more profits.

Depending on your monthly service fees, you may get as little as 5 hours of work done per month. And don’t get us wrong, sometimes 5 hours may be enough. Especially if you’re just cruising.

But if you strive to elevate your business constantly….

This is what happens with our agency:

We don’t actively seek out clients.

This is because we’re a nimble agency (only 7 staff members) and not being inundated with clients allows us to be agile. Agility is important because when it comes to digital marketing, things change faster than traditional marketing.

It also allows us to not be limited to a block of hours for our clients.

Marketing is an art, an art that really takes shape with dedication and commitment. These are qualities we have and value. You can’t just throw the work in a block of hours and expect success.

What this means is, your work is not constrained to a block of hours with us. Sure, there are business hours and time is limited, but otherwise we’re quite accessible and have a more hands on understanding of what’s going on with your campaigns. We get to work on your business’ goals a lot more than the other agency.

We like having this abundance of time because this literally allows us to elevate our clients’ businesses.

And therefore, this abundance of time is protected because we abide by a few ground rules we have for taking on clients:
  • Serve only those who have amazing products or services. Elevating such a game then becomes fun for us. You know what they say about doing what you love…? 🙂
  • Cater to industries we are confident about.
  • Cater to those who are already marketing online and are aware of their competitive landscape.
  • Hopefully understand what it means to market their business/company online.
  • Have some form of Data tracking installed.

And that brings us to discovering your needs and seeing if we’re a fit like a glove. Glove match is important to us because we seek long-lasting relationships. We have not lost a client since our inception in 2010 so when we’re taking on a new client, we sure as hell don’t plan to lose them.

So, if you think we’re an awesome match, please fill out the form on this page (if you’re on mobile, it’s below) and we’ll take it from there.

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