How Did This Dentist Get 79 New Patients In One Month?

dental marketingLike many dentists, Darryl was frustrated. Getting new clients was challenging.

Learning from other dentists at the convention he went to, he decided to send out flyers to neighbourhoods.

Month after month, he realized that after spending $3000 – $5000 per month, he was not getting enough clients to make it worth the investment.

But he kept going.

Sound familiar?

First, Darryl Tries A Lot Of Things Like Flyering

Darryl was good at what he does. His practice had 3 other dentists but none of them knew what marketing to do to get more clients.

They sent out flyers to neighbourhoods.

They did radio commercials.

They put ads in the neighbourhood weekly.

They even did Google Ads.

None of them worked as well as they hoped.

Google ads could have worked, but they was expensive because everyone was bidding high so they had to bid high for their ads to even be seen. It turned out to be hard to stand out.

There’s so many other things that they could have tried. And they did. But nothing really worked that they could rely on again and again.


It’s time to change – Darryl does something else, something he never did before

But Darryl saw our ad on Facebook on a Saturday evening when he was on the couch just scrolling through his Facebook feed.

It said:

“You are not far from us. Come and ask us any marketing question you have and we’ll give you $150 to use on Google Adwords.”

Darryl didn’t come but called and we talked.

The rest is history, as they say.

You see, people usually need two things to take action:

  • Relevance
  • Reason

In this case, by being relevant to Darryl in distance and location, it piqued his interest.

By giving him an incentive to walk away with $150 to use on Google Adwords, we gave him reason. He didn’t end up using the $150, neither did he end up using Google…. but.

Darryl takes action – Hyperlocal marketing

Most dentists know that giving away some thing like whitening kits helps bring in new clients.

Want more ideas like the whitening kit examples? Click here to download!

We knew this and Darryl did too. So we decided to use this but do it better by making it relevant to his prospects.

We showed Darryl’s dental practice ad on Facebook to people in a 2 mile radius. And with some magic, we showed the ad to the right people – people who have a higher chance of trying out the service for the long-term rather than people who just seek out deals. 

It worked so well that instead of giving just those kits away for free, we one-upped it.

We told people “Get a whitening kit for free! But for only $25, get a custom fitted whitening tray!”

Today, after almost 14 months, this is still the single largest method that brings in patients for Darryl’s practice.

We also helped them try other offers other than teeth whitening, like teeth cleaning.

But the trick is in the pudding because these new clients don’t immediately mean revenue. Out of every 100 people that got their teeth whitening kits done for $25, they initially turned about 20 of them into regulars of the practice. Regulars = Recurring revenue, you see.

However, today, their conversation rate is 5 out of 10. (more about this coming up next, keep reading)

Having a new customer come in for a very small product allows them to get to know you and build a relationship with you.

When that happens, you can ask them to come in for a cleaning every 6 months or so where you can show them benefits of, say, a veneer.

Or getting a root canal.

Or getting that cavity filled.


Did you know, each patient brings in approximately $10,000 in revenue at the most conservative level during the whole time they’re a customer, say 5 years on average? Loyal customers bring go up to $25,000 and remain customers longer!

Darryl doubles down and takes more action; name search and re-marketing

You see how earlier Darryl had a 20 in 100 conversion rate of repeat customers? That’s a 20% conversion rate. A good number right there.

But we helped him increase that.


What would you do when you hear about an intriguing offer (i.e $25 whitening kit that normally costs $700) from a dentist that you’ve never heard of? 

You’d go for it.


If you’re the cautious kind, you would open your favourite search engine and search for “darryl’s tooth clinic reviews” or “darryl’s tooth clinic”

So, we took this opportunity to show Darryl’s ads and customers testimonials on their websites!


dentist hyperlocal marketing
Something like this..


And when/if they clicked over to the page of testimonials, and didn’t fill out the booking form – we followed them around with ads of testimonials and other reviews.

Of course, we did this in a classy way where it wasn’t creepy. Again, used some magic for this. 😉

But, why did we do this only for “darryl’s tooth clinic” and not for “top dentists near me” as the search keywords?


The cost for such ads was way too high with every dentist in the area advertising on Google or Bing.

People who already saw this offer on their Facebook would not go to Google and search for something irrelevant like “top dentists near me” unless by sheer luck right that second they chipped their tooth!

And that’s because Google is demand-based marketing and Facebook is interruption marketing. When people see Darryl’s ad on Facebook, there’s a super high chance they weren’t really in the market for a dentist.

So then, why would they go on Google and suddenly start shopping around for a dentist? Right?

Therefore, when we checked to see how much search Darryl was getting after the Facebook marketing we did – we knew right away that we can get more users by a perfectly executed search campaign.

We could go further and remarket to these users if they didn’t book.



So, why did all this work for Darryl?


We made it relevant by appealing to the right people in the right vicinity with hyperlocal dentist marketing.

And we gave them a compelling reason to take action.

The upselling part was easy for Darryl because he wanted to do good. He offered the right advice to people and that’s what people ultimately love.

And so they booked cleanings, zoom whitening, invisalign, implants, veneers… you name it. Patients even referred their friends!

In the end, Darryl now gets an average of $1656.19 per year from these clients who once came in for $25 cleaning kit.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a dentist too. And if you think we can be of help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



How Did This Dentist Get 79 New Patients In One Month?
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