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Website Visitors

Bringing more visitors to a website usually is the answer to getting more business. There’s various ways of doing it, and we can help.

Best suited for new businesses around a year old that have been marketing

Convert To Sales

And sometimes, just visitors are not enough. You want them to call you, fill out a form, or maybe press the buy button. We help with this as well. 

Best suited for marketing-experienced, established businesses more than a year old

Make It Rain

Want to spend less but get more? That’s the dream. By refining what works, we fulfill that dream. And yup, we’re rockstars at it.

Best suited for established businesses that have been marketing

Website Visitor Details

As part of the strategies we use to bring visitors to your website, SEM plays the most important role. Because it can have the highest and fastest impact on your revenue numbers.

When someone searches for your product or service on, say, Google… they will see about 3-5 results on the top. Those are ads.

And that is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Basically, you’re paying Google to send you website visitors.

This is a very popular method to get users over to your site because of the intention. Anyone who searches for something has a highly potent intention. Whether it be a passive, research based intention or an aggressive, buy based intention – you will still benefit.

Now, on the same search results page that we talked about over in the SEM section there will also be some results after the ads.

These are known as organic results. Unlike SEM clicks-on-ads, you don’t pay for clicks on the organic results.

Organic results are not an overnight success because of the way things are with search engines called ‘algorithms’. Sparing you the tech speak, organic results are just as important for a visitor because some people don’t click on the ads.

Working to show your website for when people search for relevant key words is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is content? It can be anything; a blog post, a video, a PDF file, a spreadsheet, etc. But what makes it important is the amount of visibility it affords you.

Some of these pieces of content can even begin to rank on the search engines giving you more visibility on that organic results we talked about earlier.

Search engines also favour websites that have more, and valuable content. More importantly, content that’s well-designed is appreciated by your users. If content from your business frequently appears during their research face, you can bet your bottom dollar, you will be a contender when it comes time to buy.

Who doesn’t have Facebook these days? But all those likes & comments got to count for something, right?

And you’d be right. That’s part of the sauce that allows us to figure out people’s interests, likes, dislikes, location, etc.

Say you’re a Chiropractor and your clients are predominantly middle-aged males who work in construction; we can show them your ads. And if we designed an amazing looking ad that entices them in for free consultations, imagine how many of those consultations can turn to bookings?

Pretty powerful stuff.

(NOTE: We’re not talking about likes and followers here. You still have to pay to make your ads visible to them no matter how many likes and followers you have)

Don’t let that word “Video” scare you. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to hire actors and videographers to create a video. Our in-house designers can create great videos that can be used as ads.

Despite being on the rise for a few years now, video is still nascent. Yet it’s predicted to be the biggest trend for 2017. But because of it’s nascency, it’s cheaper to get your video viewed than to get people to come to your site.

We can show these videos on Youtube, Facebook, and even on some websites and they can be great for increasing awareness of your brand.

How fast can this get started?

Bringing in visitors by using paid strategies, especially SEM can takes start the same day we launch. But SEO being that it’s a long-term strategy to cement your position, takes anywhere over 3 months to show results.

Will ads like banners need to be created?

Yes, and when you work with us, this is part of what we do. This includes figuring out the copy (text you see on the ads) & graphic design.

How about creating video ads?

Yes, if that’s the service you avail we will be creating it (we have limits on how many we create though)

How involved will I need to be?

Your involvement is top-heavy. In the beginning days & weeks, we will need to collaborate with you. But once this is done, your involvement would reduce other than checking our progress and reports.

What kind of refinement/optimization can we expect?

We stand out in this regard because we bundle in some basic optimization strategies right from the get go. They aren’t as extravagant as the strategies outlined in “Make It Rain”, but they provide massive value regardless.

Convert To Sales

“I am being followed!”

You said that to yourself one day when you went to Amazon.com, or Walmart.com or one of the millions of websites that retarget you.

In a gist, that’s what retargeting is. The ads follow you around on most of the websites you go to. Sometimes you even see those ads on Facebook!

And all you did is check the price of a pair of shoes.

This is a highly effective strategy because we show ads to people who have been to your site. In some cases, it is also economical.

It works, and it works well. Many websites swear by it and in the marketing sense, why wouldn’t they? It reminds people what they left behind and urges them to take action.

When people come to your site and say, join your newsletter. What do you do? You send them emails.

Emails that alert them to new product arrivals, price slashes, new promotions, and for hundreds of other reasons.

Point is, sending the email keeps your brand top-of-mind. You may not make sales from every email you send, but you are definitely in the users head.

Imagine this:

Today, you receive an email from Walmart (that you’re signed up to) alerting you that all electronics have a 15% discount. Including for gaming consoles.

Over the weekend, when you’re hanging out with your nephew, he casually asks why you didn’t buy him a game console for Christmas?

If you’re the generous kind, you’ll recall that Walmart is having a sale and you go buy an Xbox.

That’s top-of-mind marketing at work.

You have been on Amazon.com looking at various paints. Didn’t buy, but just researched.

You return to Amazon.com a couple days later and start looking at calculators.

Amazon will show you an image of a paint that you previously looked at and tells you there has been a price reduction.

That’s on-site retargeting. And it can be put to many uses!

If you find your prospects usually have some questions, then Live Chat frequently comes to their rescue.

We find Live Chat is sometimes the final push people need to make a purchase.

Having someone on chat, instead of having to phone in is a low barrier to entry. People still find that calling in or filling a form sometimes to be tedious and requires heavy intent.

Live Chat removes that need because it can be configured to be anonymous. So people can right to the question without needing to give out their information.

This kind of flexibility tips most users that are on the fence in favour of the purchase. We configure and install such systems if required.

Don’t let that word “Video” scare you. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to hire actors and videographers to create a video. Our in-house designers can create great videos that can be used as ads.

Despite being on the rise for a few years now, video is still nascent. Yet it’s predicted to be the biggest trend for 2017. But because of it’s nascency, it’s cheaper to get your video viewed than to get people to come to your site.

We can show these videos on Youtube, Facebook, and even on some websites and they can be great for increasing awareness of your brand.

We sell a service, not a product; so how would it work?

In that case, this process would work to encourage lead submissions. This could be making a call, or filling out a contact form on your website. So everything we do will be optimized to fulfill that goal. In fact, most of our clients are service-based.

What if we don't have as many website visitors?

This strategy works well when you have a decent amount of website visitors. It’s not suited to businesses that do not have a steady about of website traffic or at the very least, pay to get traffic.

Or you’d be paying us to wait for people to come to your site and we both don’t want that.

How soon can we see results?

In most cases, the results would be visible in a few weeks. But it also depends on what strategies you want us to use. You’d either see more purchases being made on your site, or you’d be receiving many leads.

The reason we say weeks and not days is because we rely on information and data to make this work, and work well. For example, if the leads you are getting are not closing easily – we would work to tweak things.

This results gets better with time because we start seeing a larger volume of numbers that is imperative to planning, executing and tweaking marketing campaigns.

Make It Rain


“When you look at data, you see patterns. When you understand data, you see opportunity.” – Mark, one of our Partners says that.

It’s nothing geeky.

Say we get you 1000 people to your site who are looking for rhinoplasty specialists (aka nose job).

500 of them made a call to you.

300 said they were interested.

100 of them booked the appointments.

That’s a 10% sales conversion rate (100 out of 1000 people turned into a sale)

And a 30% interested lead (or qualified) conversion rate (300 out of 1000 people were interested)

This is just scratching the surface, but from here we can begin to test, tweak and refine every aspect of a lead so more of them turn into sales.

Our goal will always be to increase the 10% to a bigger number.

CRO done right eventually leads to more sales (because you don’t need to increase the 1000 visitors) without increasing your budget.

Surveys allow us to collect qualitative feedback from prospects and customers. For example, this kind of feedback allows us to customize a user experience, and in some cases even personalize it so they can convert.

We ask them questions right on the site if they are finding things they’re looking for, if they wish a particular piece of information was available, etc.

The treasure trove of information a brand needs to appeal to their target audience all lies in gathering this feedback. And it immensely helps in the CRO process.

heatmapHeat mapping means exactly what you you think it means. It color codes movement by mouse, type and sometimes even eye-tracking to know where visitors are spending most amount of time.

As you can see in the image, red means that’s where most of the attention is focused.

This kind of research shows us where the attention is focused, and what elements don’t work the best in terms of getting attention.

We use heatmapping for almost all our clients and in one case were able to find a button that isn’t clickable, but it also happened to be a red-hot button. Imagine how many people probably just left out of frustration?

Heatmapping is an invaluable asset.

The art of positioning words in a way where marketing and advertising do their job and get people to take action.

This, is copy-writing.

And when done right, it has shown increases in lead submissions, sales, phone calls and what ever the goal for that copy is.

We would analyze your copy and provide alternatives to increase your revenue. The copy can be anywhere, website, emails, buttons, etc.

We want rain. Now. How do we start?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

Based on how things are going, and how far we have taken your brand, this is something we wait to open to you if you’re an existing client.

We limit the customers on this stage because it requires a certain amount of commitment that surpasses what you’ve been used to so far. It also requires a fair amount of trust because we would be diving deep into areas like copy-writing, going behind & getting a lot more technical with your website, going beyond your website into your office, making agile changes, etc.

And we want you to be as comfortable with us as we are with you when we do all that and this comes with time.

When the time is right in our relationship, we will offer this service to you and then it’s up to you to decide.

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