Audience Data

Data companies exist that compile many habits, movements, interests, demographics of web users. They anonymize and make it available to be targeted. Thinking of targeting 40+ moms of teens? We got you.

Drive Better Result -

Drive Better Result

Target your audience with relative ease compared to spray and pray methods. Our extensive datasets enable you to layer segments to increase awareness with audience-specific messaging. All audience data is pre-anonymized to keep you on the right side of PHI legislation while still reaching the groups that matter to your bottomline. Looking for overworked moms in their 40s for instance? We can granularly show your treatment ads with copy targeted to female commuters in their 40s, after 8 pm on apps and websites.

High Quality Data

Our extensive data segments, procured from data aggregators, allow you to create messages for specific sets to reach your target audience far beyond the reach of Google or Facebook. Automatically anonymizing and aggregating detail from thousands of cookies, smart devices and mobile screens, we can match your campaign message strategically with the right segments without being concerned about transgressing user privacy or health information guidance.

High Quality Data -
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Find new pockets of prospects by creating unique data blends that are tailored to your rehab’s ideal audience. Build insights and learn from the data you gather to optimize future campaign successes. Find a rhythm that keeps feeding your admissions funnel and delivering the call volumes your rehab needs.