Call Tracking

Are you tracking the source of your calls? Are they due to Charlie's business development, or are they coming from all that SEO work? Most rehabs use Call Tracking to know that.

Track what matters -

Track what matters

Rehab’s greatest inbound lead volumes come from calls and live chats. By tracking calls you can understand which marketing efforts are providing the best ROI. We’ll help install, configure and incorporate all inbound streams – lives chats, calls and form submissions – so you know exactly where you’re at and can choose your next steps with confidence.

Connect the dots

Qualify your leads by rating them so you can understand which journey brings you what. Close the information gap between marketing and the rehab admissions team. We’ll help establish clear processes that keep information flowing, all tracking and records compliant with PHI legislation, and even analyze results so you can improve answer times and appreciate the cost of things like missed calls and long answer times.

Connect the dots -
Match processes with goals -

Match processes with goals

Track campaigns with unique numbers to determine which streams deliver the best call volumes. Integrate your OKRs with processes to identify gaps and close them. By understanding which points in the marketing journey are triggering direct contacts, you can improve the quality of your spend and strengthen the processes behind each admission.

Find your flow

With a system designed for HIPAA compliance, the know-how to keep prospects moving forward, and information reaching the respective departments of your addiction treatment center, we can boost campaign effectiveness, drop costs per lead and gear your rehab towards greater success.

Find your flow -