Contextual Ads

Show your rehabs ads on websites where topics like addiction and treatment are commonplace.

Contextual Advertising -

Contextual Advertising

Show your ads on the websites that increase your relevance and CTRs from your ideal audience. Using web pages that contain specific words and audience data for your ad placement isn’t an issue, meaning contextual ads are completely within the bounds of HIPAA. Let our crawl-and-match-keywords technology find the ideal websites, web pages and apps for your message and take a sophisticated approach that controls where your message appears.

Brand safe page-level relevance

Our advanced contextual intelligence can be used to program advertising placement in ways that support specific outcomes – drive down your cost per lead or increase your conversion rate. Based on context rather than user data, we avoid your addiction treatment ads showing on an irrelevant website. You can select various objectives, including reach and ad viewability.

Brand safe page-level relevance -
Precision targeting -

Precision targeting

Context technology scans webpages for listed keywords and overall page relevance and even enhances other targeting techniques. We explore relevant ad placements including on-demand videos, news sections, and websites other agencies may put in the ‘too-hard-to-target’ pile. Imagine a news item about America’s opioid epidemic that with our contextual targeting shows an ad sharing the success story of your addiction treatment center. The process relies on existing content rather than user behaviour, so all placements are compliant with CCPA and similar health data regulations while reaching the right audience at the right time.

Get ahead of the game

Identify trending topics and emerging opportunities to pair your advertising with. Combining webpage analysis with trend prediction and social listening techniques allows for the creation of advertising assets that put you ahead of the curve. Improve your relevance and move leads toward increased engagement. Identified a trend in the news that is a perfect compliment to your Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)? We’ll insert your ads there and increase your branded call volumes.

Get ahead of the game -