Email/SMS Automation

A lot of leads prefer communication over email and SMS. How are you currently doing it?

Automate the customer journey -

Automate the customer journey

Use your available data to map your customer’s journey, create HIPAA compliant messages and automate the process to reduce repetition of work. Explicit customer opt-ins, data anonymization & secure storage ensure PHI protection is ensured while making the most of your information and time. Get more done, reach people where they are and deepen your customer connections.

Reach prospects wherever they are

SMS messages have a higher open rate than email. Receive explicit opt-ins faster to ensure privacy regulation compliance. Engage with prospects to advance conversations and conversions. Let customer behaviour trigger automated and privacy compliant SMS messaging that improves engagement, lowers the cost per lead and frees up time to improve marketing efforts.

Reach prospects wherever they are -
Stay in touch -

Stay in touch

Don’t be forgotten! Schedule email contacts to keep in touch and stay top of mind with prospects considering your services. Simple opt-in and opt-out links keep your communications within the bounds of HIPAA and CCPA. Follow up with leads at predetermined intervals so no one falls through the gaps. Curate the path to conversion to increase quality call volumes and lower your cost per admits.

Help clients achieve their goals

Whether it’s a reminder of an in-service appointment or a facility tour, friendly email with additional information about service aspects a prospect has been researching, automated email and SMS messaging can improve customer relationships while progressing your marketing goals.

Help clients achieve their goals -