Foot Traffic Attribution

If someone sees your ad on their device at McDonald's and then comes in for PHP treatment, you get campaign attribution!

Deeper Insights -

Deeper Insights

The journey to your rehab, at times, takes multiple stakeholder touches. By attributing these touches to physical visits with our solution, optimization of your campaigns can take place in a way where unclicked awareness ads prove their place. Connect each stakeholders’ exposure to your rehab’s ads with their visit to your facility even when they don’t click.

Match and track

By consistently capturing physical visits to your center and precisely matching them to virtual markers for each influencer of a client’s rehab choice, you gain a clearer picture of your customer journey and importance of campaigns meant to influence their decisions. Improve campaign structure, relevance in messaging, and build stronger relationships with prospects as a result. We’ll always ensure all tracking and analytics are compliant with CCPA and HIPAA every step of the way.

Match and track -
Cumulative impact -

Cumulative impact

Isolate new acquisitions from already engaged prospects to understand the effectiveness of campaigns for converting versus reaching new audiences. By registering incremental increases we highlight which channels or messages are moving ideal customers towards engagement with your drug rehab. This, in turn, gives you the data needed to understand the real impact of your campaigns and reduce cost per lead.

Panoramic views

Track all ad views and clicks and match with physical visits to improve visibility and give a broad perspective on all campaign efforts. Our systems respect client PHI data by only utilizing opted-in but anonymized data with each touchpoint. Trim dead branches and reinvigorate those bearing fruit to make the most of your spend, ultimately increasing conversion rates and improving your ROI.

Panoramic views -