Hyperlocal Advertising

Show your recovery ads to devices in specific, physical locations anywhere

Get Specific - https://frostynova.com

Get Specific

Our database of precise location data helps you reach the right audience based on real-world visits. We target areas and layer behavior segments so it easily complies with personal health data guidance and legislation. If you know your over 50’s audience has a penchant for late-night junk-food runs, we can create an awareness campaign targeting this group at these outlets in a defined area.

Slice your segments for optimal engagement

Choose who receives your message based on customer profile data, where they are standing, or even their preferred supermarket. Our large datasets and customization enable you to personalize your message for better engagement and deeper connections depending on if they visited yesterday or 5 months ago. Shorten the sales cycle and develop client relationships the result in faster action from your prospects

Slice your segments for optimal engagement - https://frostynova.com
Geo-location and seasonal relevance - https://frostynova.com

Geo-location and seasonal relevance

Target your ad spend with geographical data that boosts relevance for your audience. Pair your messages with seasonal cues to drive leads towards a life-changing decision. We can deliver your message in real-time as they are on location, or target those who have been in an area for the last X months. Our campaign set-up processes ensure health data and privacy requirements are always met. But we can further tighten it by leveraging recency configurations.

Ready and waiting

We have data groups waiting to be plumbed. Based on our knowledge of the sector, our audience segments are ready for your campaigns today. Choose from behavior-based, favorite place or life stage and begin your campaign straight away. Our creative team maintains your brand voice and helps you to join leads toward the end of their search for a transformed life.

Ready and waiting - https://frostynova.com