Lightweight CRM

Your admissions team will not like working in Salesforce. We all know that. But they'll use ours.

Track, sort, and manage with ease -

Track, sort, and manage with ease

Keep track of leads and customer interactions to aid your marketing efforts and clearly identify where prospects are within your marketing and sales funnel. Reduce information being siloed so you can build relationships by picking up where we left off while understanding influence of marketing campaigns. Identify bottlenecks and slipstreams to improve campaign results and reduce costs per admit.

HIPAA, PHIPA and CCPA compliant

Secure storage, data security policies, end to end encryption and periodic system deletions ensure all data is safe and completely compliant with health and privacy legislation. Anonymisation of customer data, automatic safeguards that remove PHI unless opted-in explicitly, and tiered access abilities further enhance security, compliance, and accuracy of information.

HIPAA, PHIPA and CCPA compliant -
Integrate with your favorite systems -

Integrate with your favorite systems

Stop working for your CRM and have it work for you! Our lightweight CRM is integrated where you track all leads. All interactions are easily tracked and most can be logged with the click of a button. Calls, emails, and chats can be sorted by segment, caller, admissions member, or call center operator. This lightweight CRM can be used as a sidebar or initiated via email depending on the comfort level of your call center team. Get a complete overview of customer-centric activities.

Customise features

Adapt workflows to suit your style, manage reports from a single platform, and save favored analyses for regular rundowns on campaign metrics. Send and track emails, SMS and make phone calls directly from the CRM to log all activities. Easily view which segments of your audience need further communication and when. Never miss a beat with all the information you need at your fingertips.

Customise features -