Cascaded Retargeting For Drug Rehabs

Our proprietary retargeting solution built completely around privacy and compliance.

Become unforgettable -

Become unforgettable

Increase branded calls by retargeting website visitors, social engagers and interested searchers. Cross-channel retargeting puts you in front of your ideal customers so they don’t forget you. Using our formula to extract the customer journey your treatment center client goes through, our campaigns will re-engage your audience and subtly remind them that you are the best choice. Nurture leads, minimize lost opportunities and increase conversion rates while remaining fully HIPAA compliant.

Recapture attention

98% of rehab website visitors do not end up calling. That’s because the rehab selection process requires careful comparison, thought and deliberation among families. Through our proprietary method of Cascaded Retargeting ads, show up during this critical phase and bring the spotlight back on your center.

Recapture attention -
Increase your chances -

Increase your chances

The addiction treatment industry already suffers from revenue-losing qualities like comparison shopping, contingence on positive outcomes of interventions, being out-of-network and so on. Retargeting puts you front and center. While all your competitor rehabs just cross their fingers and wait to be remembered or conduct incessant and aggressive followups, you will be top of mind inducing passive authority. Increase direct website visits due to brand recall, lower bounce rates and make meaningful connections with stakeholders that ultimately increase admissions.

Engage, Enhance, Repeat

Target your ideal audience with the right experiences and track the progress of your campaigns. We analyse results and capitalize on strengths while tweaking to remove weaknesses so your results keep climbing. Whether its more branded calls or fewer lost leads, retargeting can deliver the results you need.

Engage, Enhance, Repeat -