Search Ads

As a Google Premier Partner and Bing Accredited, we can run and optimize your search ads. This only works for rehabs that have LegitScript.

Capture intent -

Capture intent

Base your advertising on a searcher’s intent to reach the right clients at the right time. Delivering solutions searchers want drops your cost per lead and shortens your sales cycle. Targeted search ads comply with HIPAA, and CCPA regulation, while still reaching the right audience with useful content.

Google Ads For Rehabs

Optimize your Google Account to make the most of their service. Each section – Paid Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing can be utilized to boost your marketing efforts. Promote your service to those looking to select the right treatment for their vision of sobriety. Reduce your sales cycle and cost per lead with the right analytics to turn Google’s Adwords from a low return expense into a sound investment.

Google Ads For Rehabs -
Beyond Google -

Beyond Google

Adwords is just the beginning. Reach more users and find new clients with search adverts on Bing, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to add to your services’ credibility. Engage new clients and build your reputation for quality as part of your marketing strategy to increase branded calls from all corners of the internet.

Cast your net in the right pool

Curate your search ads to reach leads most likely to convert to clients. Our team works to develop ads that will stand out for searches in your location. Placing your ads in front of searchers near your facilities to increase meaningful calls.

Cast your net in the right pool -