AdWords Account Audits

In case you don’t know what an audit is, it’s quite simple.

If you have been using Google Adwords by yourself, in-house marketer, marketing department, or an external marketing agency – an audit is for you.

An audit is the eyes of a third party. Think of it like soliciting feedback.

“Hey man, take a look at my Adwords… think it’s good?”

We audit AdWords accounts for small and medium businesses. We will go through everything in your accounts and provide detailed analysis of immediate and long term changes that can make an impact and save your customers money.

We only charge if we make a difference, so satisfaction is guaranteed. Once the reviews have been made we can meet for a more detailed plan of your account audits whether you work with us monthly, quarterly or yearly. (We can sign NDAs as well if needed)

Are working with a Google Partner? Today is a great day to start.

AdWords Account Audits:

  • Search Advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display¬†Advertising
  • Video¬†Advertising
  • Google Analytics
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