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Attract local clients

Show up in Google’s local map of search results for various keywords when people are ready to enter rehab. Attract local customers easily. Improve organic visibility via location awareness and build your brand reputation for sterling service and results. Increase call volumes and engage prospects in meaningful conversations that improve conversion rates.

Local link building

Identify opportunities to raise your profile locally online. Local media and publications can boost your visibility and improve your credibility. Build awareness of your addiction treatment facility when people in close proximity search for your keywords. Be considered a local leader in your field of addiction treatment. Get the added benefit of being cited by local media organically.

Local link building - https://frostynova.com
Utilize Google - https://frostynova.com

Utilize Google

Make the most of Google Maps, Knowledge panel and more to improve local visibility of your individual services like Residential Treatment, PHP, IOP, etc. Optimize your Google My Business profile to boost credibility and reach the prospects closest to you. Our local SEO techniques maintain HIPAA and CCPA compliance.

Website optimization

Improve your website’s ranking for local searches. Represent your local image and improve your profile within your geographical area. Become known as the number one local provider of addiction treatment services with citations, testimonials and local references to your center.

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Content strategy

Creative content that actually answers what your prospects are asking in various stages of their journey improves both your visibility and authority within your area. Show that you know what you’re talking about and keep traffic flowing to your website and branded calls to your addiction treatment center. A creatively structured content strategy places you at the forefront of your niche.

Reach your audience

Consistently creating content that naturally meets the needs of different stakeholders adds value, improves your organic search results, and meets prospects at different points of their journey to sobriety. Thoughtful content positions you as a knowledgeable and reliable rehab service. We leave the tired and worn SEO with keyword stuffed content behind to deliver words that work for specific audience segments – wives, husbands, grandparents, or moms of teens – and spur them to action. Make your rehab facility stand out from the rest, improve your call rates and engage your clients from the start.

Reach your audience - https://frostynova.com
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Beyond blogging

Local SEO for drug rehabs goes beyond your own blog to include guest blogs, your website’s service and category pages, and even the navigational structure. We’ll map your content and find the gaps so our strategy team can develop a clear strategy that supports your brand share of voice (SoV) . Showing on branded and non-branded listing queries improves your prospect’s journey and their affinity with your rehab brand. Lower your cost per lead and increase your branded calls with local campaigns that speak directly to your audience.

Analyze and improve

We’ll watch the numbers and continue to optimize your listings to keep improving your results. Tracking relevant metrics – time spent on pages, organic clicks and website journeys – informs the content evolution so it creates more opportunities to convert. Drive down cost of admits while boosting your traffic and specific audience reach.

Analyze and improve - https://frostynova.com