Hyperlocal Digital Marketing


You’re a skincare clinic that gives out facials, botox, peels, etc. And this week, you want to give facials for 25% off.

You would want to invite everyone, especially people who are near your business. Because you know people near your business have a higher chance of booking the appointment.

What do you do? You come to us and say, “I want to show this discount ad to people who are within 2 kms/miles of my business.”

That’s Hyperlocal Marketing. 

Hyperlocal campaigns can be shown on social networks, but some times even around regular websites as long as the user is within a particular distance of the business.

The next thing up is location-specific targeting, which works similar to Hyperlocal, but it is not bound by the radius around your business.

You can show the ad to your area, and a different ad to a whole other city if you want.

The possibilities are endless. Get in touch and learn more about it.

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