TV and Radio Advertising

Traditional and digital rehab advertising for an increase in branded VOB calls.

Join the First Lane -

Join the First Lane

Streamed content accounts for around 20% of TV watching. What’s more, advertising on Connected TV and OTT can be targeted, tracked, and tailored to reach your audience almost anywhere. Unskippable content makes it easier to be heard and raises awareness of your drug addiction treatment center for substance abuse treatment. Place your message in front of specific audiences using data for connected TVs and even those TV components that have mobile apps like Hulu and Twitch. Drive up engagement while pushing your advertising spend down.

Tap into Available Data

Access extensive data sets to reach your ideal audience where they are. Choose how often people see your message to optimize brand recall. Aggregate data means TV advertising methods are completely compliant with HIPAA. Dovetail digital TV ads with online marketing campaigns for pennies on the dollar. Pave your customer’s journey towards larger brand awareness that result in an increase in census.

Tap into Available Data -
Music to Yours -

Music to Yours

Let your audience take you with them by selecting brand-safe audio advertising across Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and more. Serve your audio content to curated segments to get your message heard and remembered. Select segments based on music genre, age, gender or almost any other characteristic to match your ideal customer profiles. Boost engagement and lower your cost per lead.

Perfect Podcast matches

Meet your ideal audience along their journey to sobriety with addiction podcast audio advertising that encourages real change. Programmatic audio advertising allows you to select your audience based on their interests or other characteristics and boost engagement to develop deeper connections.

Perfect Podcast matches -