Video Advertising

Show video commercials on news websites, internet enabled TVs and more

Reach for the Heart -

Reach for the Heart

Create an emotional connection while telling your brand story. Video advertising lets you get your message across with impact so you’re remembered. Find the right connections and reduce your cost per admission. We’ll carefully target your ideal clients while remaining CCPA compliant every step of the way.

Be a part of something bigger

Pre, mid or post-roll video advertising of up to half a minute gets your message across with impact. Choose from skippable or non-skippable formats to raise awareness of your service.

Be a part of something bigger -
Choose your moment -

Choose your moment

Outstreamed video content that works with editorial content, is activated by the client and targets key audiences can be used to engage with new leads. When integrated with a broad marketing strategy, video content drives branded calls and reduces your sales cycle.

Touch the outer limits

Connect with cord-cutting households and millennials that stream content to their TV. Reach the bigger screens without a big price to connect with more leads in places your competitors don’t go.

Touch the outer limits -

Stream directly to any screen

OTT video puts you on screens that are on and off the traditional TV network. Create a short clip for a lasting connection that fits with your wider marketing work to increase your in-service appointment bookings but lower your cost per admission.