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We believe in covering all the bases and having a phone tracking system that allows you to fine tune your inbound efforts is critical to online success. We here at Frostynova believe this is a mandatory step in true account management. Call tracking is a technology which enables the pay per call business model, allowing the tracking of phone calls to be associated with performance-based advertising, and supplying additional analytic information about the phone calls.

Call tracking may record:

  • What number has called
  • The geographical location of a caller, if available
  • The time distribution of incoming calls
  • Recording of the phone call (we host it for free)

This information can be used to generate reports such as, amongst others:

  • Caller names and addresses (if a database relating numbers to names and addresses is available)
    • Postal code summary
  • Missed calls
  • Call summaries (e.g., hourly, daily)
  • Details of repeat and unique callers
  • Analysis of frequency of calls by city and area code, if available
  • Lead qualities based on 1 to 5 score

Our call tracking application is to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by comparing tracking reports before and after.

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